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August 17, 2010 - ,

Innovation Focus – TEB: Creative CoffeeHouse & Innovation Campus (audio)

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In 2009, 18 awards were given in 9 countries for following categories : Brand, Process optimisation, Managerial practice encouraging innovation, Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Re-use, Cross-selling, Products and services.

BNP Paribas presents its award winners.

This week, discover The “Creative Coffeehouse” and “Innovation Campus” by TEB.

Conceived by TEB,* the “Creative Coffeehouse” was devised to bring together employees and customers. For two days, customers and employees exchange ideas concerning specific topics. Five sessions bringing together 100 customers and 300 employees have generated over 4,000 ideas, some of which have been since implemented.

The second project, the “Innovation Campus”, aims to have employees meet with students. The sessions have both entertaining and creative elements. They take place on campus and include presentations by experts from the academic world. These sessions enable TEB to seek out young talent.

Nilsen Altintas, Assistant General Manager of Human Ressources at TEB, talks about those 2 projects.

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* TEB (Turk Ekonomi Bankasi) is BNP Paribas’s strategic partner in Turkey. With more than 6,000 employees and 335 branches, TEB is one of the leading banks of its kind in Turkey.

Today Innovation is everywhere. BNP Paribas recognises and encourages innovation in all its forms and that's why it organizes every year the Group Innovation Awards.